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How to Make Money from YouTube With These 5+ Techniques.

How to make money from YouTube: If you are an Internet user then you must be using YouTube.

During YouTube Exploring, you must have seen a lot of Make Money Online or Thumbnails or videos of earning money from YouTube.

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So you must also have thought of making money from YouTube.

And you must have searched on Youtube how to make money from YouTube?

But let me tell you that in many videos of YouTube, it is said that upload videos on YouTube and earn money.

So Guys … I know that you must have reached this article by typing the following keywords:

  1. how to make money from youtube?
  2. how to make money from youtube 2020
  3. how to make money from youtube without Adsense?
  4. how to make money from youtube in India?
  5. monetization youtube.

So this Comprehensive Article will provide you with A to Z full information.

There are many ways to earn money from YouTube.

Let me explain.

You will surely understand by the end of this article “Post” how to make money from YouTube in 2020?

Any 1 … 2 Techniques will do the best work for you.

I will try to share with you this article in 7 to 8 Techniques.

  1. Whether you are Student, whether you are Housewife.
  2. Whether you are doing a job or you are a YouTuber.
  3. Whether you are a Businessman or Self Employed.

This article, which will definitely help to boost your income if you are a businessman.

If you are a student, it can become your first source of earning.

Of all these tips, one or the other will definitely work for you.

So let’s start without any Time Waste.

How to make money from youtube?

How to Make Money from YouTube

1. How to make money from youtube by monetization?

The first method is monetization. Most of the YouTubers in India are behind it.

This is a very popular way everyone knows about it well.

But there is a lot of revenue from YouTube monetization, but not much.

And you have to remember that there is not much money in YouTube Monetization.

Now you will have a question!

Why … YouTube Monetization is not very lucrative

Let me tell you

Many YouTubers make videos, the views that come on their videos.

Some Ads “Advertisement” play on those videos. Who runs YouTube.

So the owner gets some Percentage Channel Run of that Ad.

watch now!

If your video has become viral, then you will earn a lot of money, and if your video does not play, it will earn a little, but it will definitely happen.

In this, the expenditure and time become very much dependent. And earning is very less.

So many people become hopeless on YouTube or leave YouTube very soon.

So Monetization is a way to earn money.

If your video plays then you will earn a lot of money.

But if not then you will be able to earn average.

2. How to make money from youtube by promoting the brand?

Brands Promotions is another way to earn money from YouTube.

There are big companies who want to promote their brand.

If you promote that brand on your channel,

So you can make money from companies by promoting them with Tie Up and promoting their brand and product.

But this option is not applicable to everyone.

This is for him, who is a 5 to 10 Percent Highest Subscriber YouTuber.

Because their videos get lakh and 2 lakh views.

So Brands: Intel, IBM, or whatever companies, who want to promote their product.

She gives you money and you promote her brand.

So who is this option for?

People whose channel has grown very well.

This is also one way if your channel has grown,

So promote Tie-up with brands and promote their product and earn money from YouTube.

3. How to earn money from YouTube by giving service?

How to earn money from YouTube by giving service?

Now, I am going to share with you the most powerful way.

You must have a service line in it.

Service that you can help people by giving them.

Suppose you are a Blogger, Fashion Designer, Advocate, Doctor, or Digital marketer or you are an Animation Creator, meaning you have any service line.

Apart from this, if you have a product, then start promoting that product.

Then you earn real money.

If you are a web designer, then tell people that you will create their website.

So many [bla blah blah ….] takes money in the market, I will take so little from you and will make your website ready.

This is how your earnings will be earned from YouTube + service delivery.

Let me explain to you by giving an example, you will be an Idea.

I have a friend Satnam Singh 1 year ago.

He is Neurotherapies. He treats people through acupressure, acupuncture, and all these therapies.

Doctor Satnam Singh 10 … Business for 15 years and has been treating people very well.

But Doctor Satnam could not reach many people.

Because Awareness was not possible, then Struggle was running in their business.

The doctor is good, the treatment was also good, but Struggle was.

Because Promotion was not happening. People were not aware of it.

It would have been very expensive for him to advertise on T.V.

If you used to pay for each ad, in the News, then you would spend very Expensive and likewise in Radio.

Then what happened one day that I told them that Brother Aap Na starts putting videos on YouTube.

The doctor said I do not know how to make videos.

Then I gave them an online Smartphone order to make videos.

Then he:

[Number 1] He started putting videos treating his patients.

[Number 2] Patients who had benefited from his treatment started taking feedback from them.

He slowly started putting videos and it has not been even a year and a half since he opened the channel and nearly 4 lakh people have subscribed to the channel.

About three to four crore people have watched the videos.

Their income was 50 thousand or lakh rupees per month.

Today he is earning 10 to 15 lakhs a month.

His videos had become viral.

Which had about 3 to 4 million views?

Calls come from all over the world, patients from all over the world come and Doctor Saheb treats them.

His team double has been done.

And now Doctor Saheb is earning very well.

Because of? … because of YouTube.

So if you run a Service, there is a Business.

So there are 2 ways you can put videos on YouTube.

First Value-Based Videos.

The value base means that the videos you have created,

In that 99% of what the public is listening to us talking about the benefits,

And 1% you can also enter your Telephone number, Contact detail, or Website address so that customers can contact you.

These types of videos are value-based.

Chances of this type of video being viral are increased.

So if you also want to reach your business to more people then come to YouTube today.

4. How to make money from youtube through brand promotion tools?

Suppose you are doing a university run.

You have 10 to 12 collages: – Fashion design, Animation, hospitality, BBA, MBA, LAW, and Cinema.

Suppose you are running this business for the last seven years.

So you have to do marketing while starting a business.

For marketing, you have to invest money in Ads.

Newspaper, Television, and Radio all invest a lot of money, which will be very expensive.

What you should do is open a YouTube channel.

What to do on YouTube, that whatever service lines you have in your university, such as some of the teachers who taught us well, uploaded their sample classes on YouTube.

The children uploaded videos of the 20 ways of doing projects.

In this way, YouTube Channel Has Become Like a Service that we are offering.

Now you will wonder whether those videos are very viral?

No, yes.

These videos are not viral because marketing is a video, related to promotion.

Because it’s about my service But if 100 people also saw those videos and Admission

If taken, the business of 3 to 5 lakhs has come, notwithstanding the views being reduced from the same video.

So any business you have, any service you have, what are the features related to it, what are the benefits. Customer’s Experiences, Customer’s Sharing would be such a pure marketing video.

I agree that the chances of being viral are very low and you do not have to take tension also, but the customer who joins you by watching those videos, then you have money.

So this number 4 was that it’s a marketing tool, brand promotion tool.

You have entered Materiel of Pure Marketing but that is your Segment.

The person who needs it watches the entire video.

So through audio, visual, fact figures, we can show our service to our customers.

This was Number 4th.

This is a very powerful way you can definitely use it.

5. How to make money from youtube through a portfolio?

If you are a student, you are doing a job, then it is very important for you.

Think about how?

In today’s interview of Students, such face to face is reduced in Corporate.

Because it is very difficult to find out what is talented in you.

But if you are a Fashion Designer, then you have started creating your portfolio.

Whatever you have learned, whatever project you have done, have started uploading it to YouTube.

Whether putting audiovisual video, mixing photographs and video or making some videos.

Anyone you have done projects started putting them.

By doing this, 5, 10, 20 videos will become yours.

So if you are going for an interview somewhere, then you do not need to tell that you can do this work.

You can showcase your work in such a way that you become a Portfolio, Resume, or Profile.

So it is very important for all students.

When you are studying, you can get anything Achievement, get any certificate, and put it on YouTube.

You attended a meeting, attended a seminar, or attended an event. Put everything on YouTube the stronger your portfolio is, the easier it is for you to enter a private job or corporate world.

So you can earn money.

As a student, it became easy for you to earn money or not.

Because now YouTube is working as a portfolio for you.

Now don’t think … whether you are in school or in college.

Start with Day One.

Create a channel for your name Start putting videos.

Your portfolio year, one and a half years will be so good in three years that your Demand Market will start coming.

Right now you apply on Naukri.Com then your Jobs come.

But if someone has seen your portfolio and who has an interest.

Interviewed directly, you can go straight to Selection.

Meaning that it’s a very powerful and supporting tool for your carrier development to get a job opportunity. Got it the 5th way.

6. How to earn money from affiliate marketing YouTube?

Online Paise kaise kamaye

If your channel has grown very well on YouTube.

Meaning that you have 3 to 4 lakh Subscriber, then you can also do Affiliate Marketing.

By doing affiliate marketing, you can earn a lot of money from YouTube, and that too in the shortest time.

What to do in this is that you have to become an Affiliate Programmer.

You can join Amazon or Flipkart to become an Affiliate Programmer.

Now you have to take a good product and make a video of its unboxing on your channel.

That means reviewing the product.

While reviewing, you should also tell the viewers the advantages and disadvantages of that product.

Meaning that A to Z should tell everything the specification of the product.

And finally, give the link to buy that product in the description.

If someone likes your review, and if someone needs that product, then they will buy it from the link given by you. Which you will get a commission.

You can do one more thing in it.

Tip For You 🙂

All the gears you use to create your YouTube videos, such as Camera, Tripod or Lenses etc., also give Affiliate link in your description.

If someone is needed, they will purchase it from your Affiliate Link.

And if you have a YouTube channel and have not yet created a blog, then create a blog as soon as possible.

Because by integrating videos in the blog, the ranking of your blog will soon improve.

And users will also spend more time on your blog. Will be your real income again

YouTube earnings + Blog earnings = ???

Isn’t it fun?


So, Guys, this was today’s article “How to earn money from YouTube?

In which I told you about different ways to earn money from YouTube and also shared those important points with you.

With which you can become a successful YouTuber on YouTube.

Which will be your worldwide identity.

So I would say that every businessman should come to YouTube.

Students can also create their own portfolios by coming to YouTube so that after Graduation it is easy for them to find a job.

So with this, I say goodbye to you, for the moment, this time I will meet you again.

For some other day with some more exciting information, till then Think Happy Stay Happy and if you liked this article, then do share it with your friends.

Sharing is Caring 🙂

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