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MilesWeb Review: The Best and Cheapest Indian VPS Host

If you’re seeking a web host to host your website, MilesWeb is my #1 recommendation. There are various reasons for suggesting a MilesWeb host for hosting your website. Being an Indian host, MilesWeb has spread its roots globally, and the company is expanding at a higher pace.

With providing the best web hosting plans and services, MilesWeb also offers discounts on almost all web hosting plans.

A few valid pointers to why choose MilesWeb as your web host:

Why use MilesWeb?

  • The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee on all the websites hosted on their virtual private servers.
  • MilesWeb guarantees the best-in-class hosting services for every customer.
  • They provide one of the highest uptime guarantees in the industry due to their server’s robust architecture, maintenance, and security measures.

MilesWeb Best Cheapest Indian VPS Host

If you have or will have a website with high traffic, you should definitely go with a web hosting package that allows for scalability, and MilesWeb offers you that.

Before selecting a web host and hosting type, factors to examine are scalability, uptime, dependability, and efficiency. The company offers every factor mentioned without a doubt.

Talking about the type of web hosting, if you choose shared hosting plans for your website, you will run out of resources after a set amount of time, forcing you to move or upgrade your hosting plan.

Shared hosting plans may be less expensive, but they may not give enough capacity for your developing website.

As the website increases in popularity, your hosting package should be able to handle the increased traffic.

If not, a user will not return to your website if it is slow or takes too long to load. Uptime is a critical component in website hosting that you may not get to your full potential with a shared hosting plan.

When you choose VPS hosting plans, you eliminate all of the drawbacks of shared hosting plans at a low cost! VPS hosting adds value to hosting plans by including resources such as scalability, performance, dedicated IP addresses, and so on.

The Advantages of Using VPS Hosting to Host Your Website

1. Scalability of resources

Scalability of resources is possible with VPS hosting. The plans allow you to scale up and down the resources as needed for your website. You can choose cheap VPS hosting India plans if you have an eCommerce site that requires resource growth during times of offers/discounts.

2. Guaranteed Uptime

You get an uptime guarantee with the VPS hosting services, which means your site will be up and running without interruptions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because VPS plans provide scalability, dedicated IP, and security, you can expect maximum uptime and performance from the plans.

3. Maximum Security

All VPS hosting plans offer the highest level of security since customers have isolated virtual servers that are not shared with other users.

Furthermore, because each user is assigned a distinct IP address, traffic on other websites does not interfere with the operation of your website.

MilesWeb’s Budget-friendly VPS Hosting Services for Your Website!

MilesWeb, India’s number one web hosting provider, was founded in 2012. The firm provides more than 70 web hosting plans in the best windows VPS server shared, reseller, dedicated, WordPress, and cloud hosting categories.

They are well-known for their web hosting plans and the best services they offer to their consumers. MilesWeb now serves over 30,000 consumers worldwide.

MilesWeb offers the most excellent services possible to all of its clients.

Currently, they have improved their VPS hosting offerings and added a few more.

The VPS hosting plan includes ten Linux-based options ranging from V1 to V10.

The base plan V1 costs Rs. 630/mo for an annual subscription, Rs. 756/mo for a six-month subscription, and Rs. 840/mo for a monthly subscription.

The following resources are included in the basic plan:

2vCPUs, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Disk, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 1 Dedicated IP address.

The high-end VPS plan V10 costs Rs. 32,640/mo on an annual subscription and includes the following features:40 virtual CPUs, 500 GB SSD Disk, 128 GB RAM, the bandwidth of 3000 GB, 1 Dedicated IP address.

MilesWeb Best Cheapest Indian VPS Host

MilesWeb uses the most recent hardware and software components in the VPS server they set up for your hosting. The complete VPS hosting architecture is well-designed to keep your websites up and running at all times.

MilesWeb’s Customer Service

MilesWeb does not use bot chat support, whereas beliefs in offering 100% human support. As a managed VPS hosting solution, MilesWeb offers full-time human tech support. You may contact customer service experts via chat or the ticket system at any time and from any location.

If you have a problem with MilesWeb’s hosting, you may contact their customer support professionals through chat as well. These are skilled professionals who have already dealt with hosting-related issues.

Operating System and Control Panel Choices with MilesWeb

With MilesWeb, you may select your own operating system and control panel. You may choose CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, or Fedora as your operating system.

The two control panels available on Linux are DirectAdmin and cPanel. You can select the one that best meets the needs of your website.

MilesWeb Best Cheapest Indian VPS Host


Complete VPS Server Administration

MilesWeb’s in-house team of professionals can keep an eye on your VPS. They will ensure that your hosting is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without downtime.

They will be available to support you throughout your MilesWeb trip.

To summarize, MilesWeb is highly recommended since the firm provides the best plans for your website in terms of speed, power, and scalability. Apart from that, MilesWeb provides all VPS hosting plans at the most affordable prices on the market.

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