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10+Great on Page SEO techniques » I do not think in today’s digital industry,

there may be no one known as On Page SEO.

on page seo techniquesBecause every Blogger and Digital Marketer is well-versed with this On Page SEO.

Even if you are among those people

Who have not yet heard the name of this On Page SEO


Listened to the first time to kn

ow that

What’s On Page SEO?


On page SEO techniques

So you have come to the right place.

Today, in this article,

Knowing this On Page SEO is going to solve the problem.

So that Next Time whenever you sit to write Blog Post

Clear all the questions related to On page SEO in your mind.

And know about some of the best techniques of page seo

Let's start.

On page seo techniques “Create Epic Content”

Epic content does not mean that you create epic content.

We mean to say that you create a blog post filled with this kind of feeling.

Curiosity to know about your user reading time

You must have heard the name of high quality

It is related to the same “epic content”

Keep one thing in mind,

After writing a post, read yourself and ask your 2nd friend to read

If both of you do not do Boring Feel while reading that Post

And if you find the post exciting, then understand your content

High quality and visiting visitors.

Write user-friendly content “On Page SEO techniques”

Priority to users

This will increase your Traffic Increase and Content yourself.

For Exp:

Now look at Google Voice Search.

Whenever a User Voice Search

Finds On Page SEO Techniques.

So we have some such results show

As shown in this picture.

When i on my mobile-phone

What’s On Page SEO Techniques for Voice Search?

So first on top

Online Income Teacher  

This blog post has a post rank.

How do you think?

Because whenever Google Bot crawls one of our posts

So check the Site and Post from every angle

That’s how many back-links to Site.

What is the ratio of Do-Follow / No-follow back-link?

The DA “Domain Authority” of the site is PA “Page Authority”.

The post you are trying to rank.

Do-Follow / No-follow Back-links, and Social Sharing.

There are many more factors like this

Keeping in mind Google gives position to your post.

Keep the speed of the website fast.

If On Page SEO is to keep Strong

Along with High Quality Content

Do not forget to optimize your site’s speed too,

Because if your site’s web page is not optimized.

And if you take a lot of time to get open

You need to fix Speed related queries.

If you do not fix those queries,

Your Site’s Bounce Rate Automatic will increase.

Because because your Site is not Fully Speed Optimize

Your Web page will not open soon

Because of that, users will not stay on your site for a long time.

So Guys!

If you have to make On Page SEO completely FULLY strong,

Then the site will pay special attention to the speed.

So that users do not have any chance of complaint.

To Fix Site Speed Related Problems

You can take help of these websites.

  1. PageSpeed
  2. gtmetrix
  3. Pingdom
  4. Uptrends
  5. dareboost

And if you have WordPress,

There is very good WordPress Plugins for you.

In which:

  1. WP Rocket
  2. WP Optimize
  3. Smush Image Optimizer

Comes to the top number in the list of best plugins.

One more thing here I would like to tell you

You Compress Size of Your Site’s Theme

So that the site loads quickly because of the compress theme size.

  1. html compressor
  2. Text fixer

You can compress your theme’s size through these sites.

And Decrease Load time of Your Site.

As well as having your On Page SEO Strong

The probability of your post rank increases substantially.

Add to Focus Keyword Post Title.

When we search on Google or any other search engine on a topic.

Then there are lots of results in front of us.

One of the things in all those results is very common.

For EXP:

We searched “What is the best SEO techniques


What is On Page SEO?

So whatever the show is in front of us

All those results include SEO or On Page SEO.

Why do you think?

This is because in the post title

If you have added your Main Keyword then

Google’s Bot receives an instruction

The main Keyword add is in the titles of these Particular Web-pages

Which shows a Well Optimized SEO Title.

One more thing you have to remember always.

Whenever you type Title

Your Main Keyword is very important at the beginning.

Take a look at some examples of titles:

» On-Page Ranking Factors [2019 SEO] » Good

» On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank On The First Page » Good

» 10 Great On-Page SEO Techniques » 90% Good

» 11 On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings » 90% Good

So these were some Examples of Titles

Keeping in mind that for your post

Create the best titles from the best.

Use SEO Friendly URLs

When we write any article,

Uses Blogger and WordPress Automatic only by generating URL’s (Permalink).

As shown in the picture: –

1. Our Title ⇒ On Page seo techniques

2. But in the second place is Permalink of Post ⇒ https://deepblogging.com/3913-2/.

I would like to tell you that

This permalink is not exactly correct in terms of SEO optimization.


» Http: //Example.com/3633-2» Ugly URL

» Http: //Example.com/On-page-seo-techniques.html» Pretty URL

» Https://Example.com/abc/xyz.html » Pretty URL

» Https://Example.com/search-engine-optimization-techniques.html » Pretty URL

Keep the URL of the post Simple and Straight?

» The URL of Post should be Simple and Straight Google’s Bot Our Site

Easily post Crawl via URL

» And if we keep simple and straight URL then Google

Quickly indexes new posts.

» It makes it easy for visitors to share our content on Social Media.

Add Focus Keyword After 100 Words.

Blog post Fully SEO Optimized and Keyword Density

To improve, your Focus “Main” Keyword

Repeat after 100 words.

This will also make Keyword Density better

And your post on page SEO will also happen.

Use Subheadings

It has been observed that in the brains of most New Bloggers

There is a lot of confusion about the H1 tag.

But today I solve this problem.

Actually !

The title of our post is the same as H1 Tag.

Now many of these things will be known to bloggers too


I have just cleared this point by keeping New Bloggers in mind.

Okay so H1 Tag has cleared us.

Now it comes to Subheadings,

Such as: – H2, H3, H4

Now it will come to your mind that

What is the advantage of using subheadings?

So let me clear this problem.

Benefits of using lower subheading have been written.

The readability of your content improves.

» Article looks beautiful in the right format and appearance.

» Adding Main Keyword to Subheadings

Your On Page SEO gets better.

» Therefore, I would like to recommend that,

You must definitely add the main keyword to subheading.

Meta Description

Meta description is very important to attract the attention of the user.

If you do not add Meta Description then

Your Post User will not be effective for interacting

on page seo techniques

If you look at this picture carefully

So one thing is very common

In the description of all articles

On page SEO is the mention of this Phrase every time.

There are 2 benefits to using it.

1. If a user searches on “On Page SEO techniques” on Google

Google shows the web-pages of Google’s Crawler Focus Keyword in Result.

In Case if our Focus Keyword

  1. Title
  2. Permalink
  3. Meta Description

Joining the chances increases that Google show Our Post in Top Results.

Optimize your Images for on Page SEO

Place such images in your article

Looking at the visitors themselves

Be forced to come to your website

Use such attracted images,

After watching the visitors are forced to read your post.

Because you have heard many times that

An Image equals 1000 words.

So use as good as possible images that are liked by users.

Before using images in the post

You have to strictly follow three to four things:

» Add Alt tag and Title Tag to your photos

This will make your article easier to rank in Google.

» Insert your Focus Keyword into your Post’s Title and Alt Tag

» Do not use Useless photos,

Because this has a bad effect on your website.

» Whenever you use a photo in your post

Then its size should be at least,

So that it does not take much time to load your Web Page.

If your article opens late, then your site’s ranking will not be affected too.

Let me tell you one more thing here,

You can only use copyright free images

Do not copy images from anyone’s site.

This will also have a significant impact on your ranking and

Your post will stop showing in Google search results

If you want to use Copyright free images

I give you a link to some website

You can use images in free from here.

  1.    Pexels.com
  2.    Pixabay.com

Add External Link

If you link to another website in your post or

Link to any other Web-Page, then,

In the mind of the owner of that website you will trust + Bond to build

And in Google’s view, your website will rank better than ever.

Google will also feel that your site is trusted.

This will help Google give you a better ranking.

But here I would like to give you a tip.

You can always add a link to a site better than your site.

Meaning that its DA and PA are high.

Secondly, adding Link to a po** n site will not improve your site’s Ranking.

And do not add another bad quality site link to your site,

This can also result in your Site Ranking low.

Internal Links 

In your post

Link to any of your 2nd post is free to add

And the best thing SEO is also good for doing.

But Remember Post in Only Post, Related to Other Post links.

Since writing posts about SEO,

Add a link to another post of SEO in that

No other category links.

Adding Link to an Other Post or Page in Your Site

Your site’s search ranking is increasing

Together, Page View also increases on your site.

Because this lets your visitors visit from one post to another.

Which will lead to the Bounce Rate Improvement of Your Site.


If I share the conclusion of this article with you,

So the squeeze comes out that if you want to put these points in your

If you cover the post then do your post rank

Chances are greatly increased.

Here’s another little thing that I’d like to share with you

You can also create related videos from your article.

So if Unfortunate to Rank Your Article

If you are facing a lot of trouble, then your video will complete that task.

And it is also true that unlike Users Text, Video is more preference is given.

So friends! This was the article “On Page SEO techniques”

Through which you can post on Page SEO Optimization

Can bring him into better rankings.

Hope you liked this post

Tell your valuable thoughts in the comments

And if any other help related to On Page SEO

So you can ask by commenting.

We will do our best to you.

And by commenting, please tell us which is the best point of all of these Points.

If you liked this post, then definitely share it on social media.

Because Sharing is caring

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